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6 min readMay 6, 2022


(Year 5 week 28)

On Thursday morning we had our discussion about 360 reviews. Jake was the discussion leader and he was reading some 360 review done by a variety of heroes in session one, he then asked us to rate them and what we decided pretty much became the criteria. Jake then challenged us to each write ten 360’s one for each of your squad members and then other fellow travelers in the studio.

Hero of the week

This week we have decided that Traegan is the hero of the week! He has been working so hard and still balancing it out with fun.

Traegan is working very hard on figuring out how the solar powered robot works.


On Tuesday Jake introduced a fun new project for each of us, we each get to create our own personalized tiles to put onto the wall. This is a very special project because every time that someone walks in the front entrance that means that you will see them. How it works: first you go to the online website Easel Pro, you create the template and make your design kind of like this one right here that was created by Isaac


Wednesday morning some of the discovery studio decided to clean up the adventure studio so when they come come back from Denver they have a nice surprise! It first stared off with Ibby Lauryn Gwen and Gabi picking up trash and swept the floors, after that they redid the stage setup and moped. Ava and Quinn wanted to help so they cleaned the windows!


Here is Logan, Kevin, and Sage playing Rummikub:
Here is Lukas doing Lukas things:


This week a visitor came in to shadow, his name was Logan! Logan is a very sweet kid who got to visit our school for a day, Sage and him got to make a podcast called: The Gamers. They also played a familiar game call Rummikub, we think that he would do awesome in our studio!

Town Hall

Today we had town hall and some of the things that we decided upon as a studio is that we should bring emergency town halls back and lastly that Hero Buck Council can’t look at the town halls anymore. Some heroes said that when HBC would look at the town halls it felt more like and opinion than a verification.


This week we went to a lot of different libraries around town and then eventually went to the village and a bank to drop off some awesome flyers for business fair that we made. The heroes that went were Lauryn, Ibby, Gabi, Gwen, Adri, Ava, Marquita, Cambelle, Quinn, and Azalea. We went in our new school vans and it was really fun and an all around just great experience.


Thank you parents for tuning into this weeks medium post!

Written by Lauryn, Ibby, and Gabi.

The Discovery heroes enjoyed some time in the Adventure and Launchpad studios. Their guardrails were to be intentional and quiet to be able to stay and work.

Here are more pics of the heroes who decide to help clean:

Some more pictures of tiles being made. Andrew was the first and spend lots of time helping others setup and run the X-carve.

More pictures of the Hero of the Week trying to build the solar robot:

Lots of learning this week. Significant increase in reading especially. A result of more freedom and a focus on inspiring a love of reading:

Pics of those who wanted to make flyers and earned the privilege of posting them around the area. They went to libraries and some business at the Village.

The heroes enjoyed being able to pile into the new vans and go an adventure. More adventures to come!



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