(Year 5, Week 1)

Creating the Community

With some first day jitters sprinkled with fresh eyes, the Discovery heroes got right to work. They kicked off the day with a morning launch about building their community and creating a place that they will love coming to every day, even when the days get tough.

The first challenge the heroes were up against were learning everyones names and one interesting fact about that hero. It proved difficult and fun. By 9:30am they were all giggling and their shyness seemed to fade. During the morning team building, they were also introduced to their squads. …

(Year 4, Week 36)


During the week the heroes had a deep reflection on where they have been and what they have done in the past year. Here are a few of their specific highlights that they collected:

“I finished all of my fifth year badges. It was stressful but I am so proud of myself.”

“I made three new friends. At my old school it was hard to make friends but not here.”

“I actually learned what growth mindset is!”

“I learned it’s actually okay to not share things when you are in flow. I always thought I had…

(Year 4, Week 35)

As the year slowly comes to a close, the heroes are having a blast playing in the sun, competing in games, and enjoying friendships. A healthy buzz of energy geared towards work and friends is filling the studios. An observer noted how “free the young people look” and how it’s “incredible to see them choose learning when they don’t have to.” It’s amazing what young people can do when given a chance.

Game Quest

The heroes continued their game quest this week taking on new games and preparing to compete in exhibition next week.

(Year 4, Week 34)

Character Traits

On Monday, the heroes faced a new kind of challenge. A, “kind” challenge as they coined it. The heroes found out that for exhibition they would creating, All About Me, documents to show their parents and visiting families. Five heroes decided to take on the challenge of creating a design and then ultimately voting on who had the best design overall. The winner of the design challenge would get to format the document and use their design template for future portfolios. The winner of the design challenge was Olivia! …

(Year 4, Week 33)


There has been an ongoing situation that involves the entire studio. Something that has been triggering a few heroes and opening up a lot of conversations about what respect means. On Monday morning the heroes sat and listened to a story about how words have meaning. How words affect others and how words can do some serious damage. The Discovery heroes have been telling the guide that some of the Adventure heroes have been calling them names and telling them to, “shut it!” They talked about how it deeply affects them and makes them feel. …

(Year 4 Week 32)

Peace Trend

There has been a trend on the blog that has been a direct reflection of the studio and the progress made in the last session. The last session is always known to be more active. Heroes are ready for summer and a lot of the times families are traveling, so they are in and out in the studio. This session has been different than ones in recent past. For the most part, all of the heroes have been in attendance without any big events like traveling or camps. …

(Year 4, Week 31)


During the first week of the session heroes were presented with a new option to use the peace table to work out conflicts before resulting to taking a hero buck. One Tuesday, they all agreed that they loved the process. They loved being able to talk through their feelings and often times, they found much more grace for one another. What went from an upwards of 40 some disagreements during the week, that resulted in names being moved up the guardrails, it swiftly went down to 3!

That means, things only escalated to the peace table…

(Year 4, Week 30)


Monday was a somber day. It was the day the heroes found out about their fellow hero was leaving. Her and her family decided that it was time to go on a big adventure far away. They are a family that loves to travel and it is deeply rooted in their personal hero’s journeys. However, that didn’t make it any better for the friends she had to say, “see you later,” to. On Monday the heroes were told it would be her last day. …

(year 4, week 29)


The studio was a buzz come Monday morning. It was their last week to prepare for the Children’s Business Fair. The Discovery heroes will be selling and promoting their products that they have spent five weeks working on. Throughout the session there have been tears, disagreements and many questions. But, there has also been pure joy, dedication and what one hero called, “proudness”.

He was indeed, right. The heroes have relayed that they have never felt more proud of themselves. Watching their ideas come to life and creating things from scratch has brought them a deep…

(Year 4, Week 29)


A huge topic in the Discovery studio as of late has been focused around leadership.

What is leadership?

Who is a good leader?

What is the definition of ‘good’ in terms of leadership?

In the Discovery studio, there are a million moments of give and take. Some heroes step up when the going gets tough while some take a backset, observing quietly. Some heroes don’t like to be led at all, which creates a domino affect until deep discussions take place about what they want their studio to look like.

On Monday morning the heroes watched…

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