A Little Dose of Magic

(Year 4, Week 31)


During the first week of the session heroes were presented with a new option to use the peace table to work out conflicts before resulting to taking a hero buck. One Tuesday, they all agreed that they loved the process. They loved being able to talk through their feelings and often times, they found much more grace for one another. What went from an upwards of 40 some disagreements during the week, that resulted in names being moved up the guardrails, it swiftly went down to 3!

That means, things only escalated to the peace table a total of three times during the week. Therefor, heroes were learning how to be accountable, hold one another accountable and even offer grace before it ever resulted in a peace meeting. The heroes were asked Tuesday if they were enjoying it and it was a unanimous yes!

They felt that everyone just seemed to be kinder. Along the lines of peace, the heroes wanted to also reinstate the hero bucks online. Now, the heroes can see why someone was asked for something and even see the pattern in WHY they are continually being held accountable. It may have taken the entire year, but the heroes feel that they have nailed down the process. They believed that they had to take a detour to find their way back to a system that in the end, has always worked.


Wednesday was such an intentional day. The heroes were prompted to write down their smart goals and start the week on a strong note. They all decided to eat their frogs and take on intense challenges. After they filled out their smart goals they raced off into core skills. Tuesdays flow was quiet, calm and all of the heroes kept working diligently.

A new hero started this session and he was welcomed with open arms. During core skills heroes could be seen helping him and guiding him on how to track points and how to set his goal for the week. It is such a fun thing to see heroes reach out and help new heroes and welcome them into their tribe.

After core skills their energy moved right into quest. The heroes had the option of extra outdoor time, which they love but the quest being so high energy, not a single hero realized that they could end Quest and move outdoors. For two straight hours heroes were in flow. Some were playing Chess and others were working on their card game skills. A few of the younger heroes were doing their best at winning in twister and giggling the entire time. At the end of the day the heroes reflected on their time spent diligently working. One hero said,

“Sometimes work doesn’t even feel like work, it felt fun. Even when I was doing gross hard stuff like MATH!”

The heroes ended the week with getting 26 new badges! They would attribute it to their ability to stay in flow and their high work ethic Wednesday.

Day of Magic

The two sheepdogs who stepped up to design their own Writer’s Workshop have been nailing their challenges and launches. Their launches are full of fun and their challenges are full of magic. On Thursday, the heroes took on an incredibly creative challenge where they were instructed to create their own Harry Potter wands.

The girls had ordered clay, gems, glitter, glue, paint and brushes so each hero could have their own piece of art! The heroes spent the next hour designing their wands and showing off their artistic sides. Here are a few photos to show their work in progress:


After they were done making wands, the temperature outside hit 100 degrees! The heroes were hot, tired and needed a bit of an escape. They passed around sunscreen and got to work on filling up water balloons. They headed outside and participated in a full blown water balloon fight. Each hero was allowed a certain amount of balloons and the chaos ensued! (fun chaos, that is). Heroes were running around laughing, chasing and doing what they do best, and that’s being a kid. Thursday was a day of magic and as one hero put it,

“The most fun day they ever remember!”

Personal Maintenance

Friday is usually a more high energy day, however, that doesn’t mean that personal maintenance can fall by the wayside. A few of the sheepdogs in the studio earned enough points to have a movie party. It was very evident that with a few of the sheepdogs not around, personal maintenance fell by the wayside. The heroes did not get to participate in mindfulness and didn’t even start their Quest launch until almost thirty minutes past time. This sparked a much needed reflection. The reflection went as follows:

“Heroes, you’ve never had to delay Mindfulness and Quest this long before. What was the reason? Did you not have enough time to do personal maintenance? Did you think that because a few heroes were gone it didn’t matter as much? Is it too high energy in here? Or something else?”

hands shot up.

“I don’t believe that I am the best at getting into flow and remembering. I just keep getting more things out.”

“I have a hard time not getting distracted.”

“I don’t think that I care enough and I should. I am told to care more about this at home too. I just need to try.”

The heroes then talked about what it means to be a strong tribe and to contribute. After that, eleven heroes were asked to leave and go pick up their personal maintenance. This was hard. Some of the heroes were really upset and didn’t like being held accountable. The heroes who stayed at the rug moved into their quest launch and got to work. When the heroes who had to do their personal maintenance returned, they were celebrated and got to work. While not everyone was happy, they took some time and reflected on how they could improve next time. That it is okay to not always get things right 100% of the time. Towards the end, a hero gently reminder their fellow hero that,

“We can get through hard things.”


A big change this session is communication. The heroes decided that they want to continue with using the peace table and they feel that it has brought so much kindness and understanding to the studio. Wednesday was such an intentional day. There was more intentionality than possibly ever before. The heroes were prompted to write down their smart goals and start the week on a strong note. They all decided to eat their frogs and take on intense challenges. After they filled out their smart goals they raced off into core skills. Tuesdays flow was quiet, calm and all of the heroes kept working diligently.

The heroes loved Writer’s Workshop this week and got to build their wands. They spent an hour gluing, painting and designing their clay sculptures. Showing off their artistic skills! After the wand creations, the heroes kicked off a very exciting and fun challenge, a water balloon fight! They spent the afternoon in the shade laughing and having a blast with the entire studio.

When Friday rolled around, the heroes appeared to be a bit exhausted. This led to them falling behind in their personal maintenance. They did not complete cleaning before they went out for free time. Therefor, they were unable to participate in mindfulness and had to delay quest by almost thirty minutes. This led to a discussion about personal responsibility and what it means to do your part in a community.