(Year 5, Week 5)

Defining Roles

With this being the first exhibition of the year, emotions were running high on Monday. The heroes started the week by figuring out roles for their Thursday exhibition. The criteria was the following


On Tuesday, the heroes were tasked with setting up the studio for exhibition. Half of the heroes had completed their challenges while the other half were working diligently to finish their Odes and artwork. The heroes who were tasked with organization did not waste any time. One of the heroes stepped up to lead the discussion and got a game plan rolling.


Badges are definitely an important part of the Discovery studio system. Heroes are constantly being challenged to work towards their badges and complete them when they reach their goals. If a hero is at level on their badges or ahead, that means they are able to be in Flying or Soaring in the studio- the two highest freedom levels. If a hero is below level, that just means they stay in nesting until they get caught up. Nesting is a great freedom level for heroes who are working on badges that challenge them.


It was the first exhibition of the year and the studio was buzzing with nerves and excitement. There are many new heroes in the studio and so the nervousness was very much expected. The heroes spent the morning doing walk throughs of the exhibition. They pretended to put themselves in the shoes of the parents, guardians, family and friends. They held each other accountable to noise levels and expectations. With one hero saying,


The heroes worked so hard over the first session. New friendships were formed, new systems put into place and now the heroes are ready to really kick off their journey! In the upcoming sessions heroes are going to be taking on character trait challenges, science quests, creative writing workshops and much, much more. Their journey’s are all going to look very different. With ups and downs and sometimes sideways trajectories.

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