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(Year 5 Week 30)

This week we came into the studio on Monday, ready for a fresh start and a new session. That Monday we had quest launch, it was about zoology. Jake was asking us many different questions to build on the topic, but the main question was “There is a big zoo and it saves five hundred animals per year, however when they had their animal shows every day they did some questionable methods for how they treated their animals. Jake then said. On the other hand their is a small non-profit organization that treats their animals very well and with respect but they only save about ten animals per year.” Jake proceeded to ask us which organization we would work at. That was a heated discussion for some people and I am sure your hero would love to tell you about it.

Hero of the week

This week we decided to elect Andrew. Andrew has been very intentional with the work he is doing like writing challenges, reading books, and playing a whole bunch of prodigy! he has also been playing a lot of hard games this week and balancing out fun and school-work he has been a great friend in the studio, great studio leader as well.

Babby Farms

Today we are going to a very special place called Babby Farms. You may or may know what that is, but it is a very awesome animal sanctuary for animal and people with disabilities can come and interact with the animals so it is fun for the customers and for the animals! We are going to be leaving at 10:45am and we will be returning back to the school around 3:00pm. You guys are free to join and we would love to see you there!

Here we have Gabi and she is working on rush hour
here is Azalea working with the clay
Ava and Gwen have been collecting rolly pollies

We are so sorry that this blog is short but we ran short on time because of going to Babby Farms. We look forward to seeing you next week and it will have all of the updates!

Sincerely, Lauryn, Gabi, and Ibby!

As written by the writer’s above this week the heroes began their Zoology quest. They spent time this week researching animals at Babby Farms, then observing the animal in an effort to invent or create an enrichment tool or toy for their enclosure. They also just enjoyed exploring the variety of animals and interacting with several. Here are a few photos.

The week was also filled with lots of learning. Several great books were read (including one hero who read two full books in one day!), lots of great writing and research, tons of math problems in Prodigy and Khan, and lots of new projects underway including paracord whips, a local biome with insects, and a 3d cardboard bear.

Here are a few pics:

Snap Circuits by Navy
Math, math math! These heroes love math.
Margaret taking on some math challenges.
Problem solving challenges and games.
Cru creating digital music.
More math!
A few heroes competing to get across the globe.
Adri journaling her day
Xavier doing research for quest
Kevin reading his second book for the day.
More learning about electricity and creating circuits.
Will working through some multiplication with beads.
A tough game of negotiation.

Some other fun learning:

Some Adventure and Launchpad heroes also spent some time as servant leaders in the Discovery studio, sharing learning with their younger fellow travelers:

Emry playing a detective game with Navy.
Caleb playing Monopoly with a few Discovery heroes.



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