Community of Life-Long Learners (Year 3, Week 1)


Tuesday’s launch started with this video:

Chocolate River

The heroes all joined together for another team building activity Wednesday morning to cross the Chocolate River, a nerve-wracking game that requires them to band together and strategize to get across the river by standing on marshmallows. One must be careful, however, to not let the hungry alligator eat your marshmallows or you will be stuck and have to begin again!

Building the Community

The heroes spent much of the week building and implementing systems and processes to deliver excellence. Some of the systems that were implemented this week were the studio maintenance system (to keep the studio clean), rules of engagement (to have powerful and meaningful discussions), and the beginnings of a studio contract (to govern the community). Studio systems and processes are designed to give the heroes ownership over their learning and community, while delivering the highest standards of excellence.

Lip Dub Challenge

Footloose! Kick off your Sunday shoes!

  • Start on time
  • Can see faces in camera
  • Everyone looking at the camera
  • Everyone mouthing words
  • Original and different
  • Everyone trying their best
  • Camera not shaky
  • No fingers in camera
  • No fortnight dances
  • Creative random things happening
  • Everyone in it
  • Taken in one shot

Town Hall Meeting

Friday began with an introduction to Town Hall Meeting, a time for the heroes to bring forward community issues or things they want to celebrate. Betsy and Adri pitched an idea for gift bags that ultimately didn’t pass. Kai pitched to bring back Mindfulness after free time, which did pass. Zane pitched having a pet day, which also passed.


Friday afternoon weekly reflections were introduced.

Wrap Up

Every new year that unfolds at Heroes Academy comes with the wisdom from hard lessons learned of the past. So does the past determine the future? We’ll continue to explore that thought provoking question, but one thing seems to be clear this year, the lessons have brought us to a new high, where a world class community is unfolding, where heroes are inspired to take on real challenges in their learning and community, equipped with the tools to get there, and connected together on that journey. Inspire, equip, connect. The keys to building a community of life-long learners.



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