Curiosity and Leadership (Year 2, Week 31)

Growing Curiosity in a Self-Organized Learning Environment

Last session, the heroes chose three quest themes to pursue for their Growing Curiosity quest.

  • Speed and Velocity, led by Jack
  • Wildlife, led by Betsy
  • Space and Spacecraft, led by Tyler

Process Drama

Olivia and Betsy chose to follow their curiosity about drama this session by creating a process drama workshop. They will be launching process drama each Tuesday and Thursday this session and exploring scripted acting, improvisation and character creation.

  • “I say that making mistakes is good, no one is perfect. If you’re perfect eventually there is no one to beat. If you make mistakes there will always be a challenge.
  • “I think they shouldn’t make mistakes because it can end really badly and people get hurt.”
  • “Would you rather watch them not try at all and win or have a challenge? It wouldn’t be entertaining.”
  • “I disagree, at least you know you’re being protected if they beat the villain.”

Town Hall Meeting

The heroes had their first Town Hall Meeting of the session this Friday. The heroes started this meeting by welcoming a guest hero to the studio and explaining the Town Hall Meeting process.


Throughout the next three weeks, the heroes are taking complete ownership of exploring their curiosity during Quest and Writer’s Workshop. Already they are showing what incredible things they can do.



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