Deep Learning and Discovery (Year 1, Week 7)

As we enter session 2, many new and exciting changes await the heroes. A new studio layout, new quests (projects), new freedoms, new hero buck store items, and new challenges. While session 1 focused on building the tribe, with all it’s processes and systems, session 2 will focus on deep learning and discovery.

Newest Quest

Throughout the week the heroes have undertaken a series of challenges including a campus hunt and blueprint challenge to investigate the way the current building has been designed. They were also challenged with exploring measurement and scale problems in order to prepare for creating their own blueprints next week.

With it’s in depth, real world application, this quest will bring many opportunities to learn to be and learn to do. A few examples being:

  • Real world math
  • Project Management
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Scaled model building
  • Craftsmanship
  • Following codes and regulation
  • Reading and deciphering blueprints
  • Research

The energy is high and heroes are engaged, getting ready to exhibit each step of the process (research, design, and construct) in their end of session exhibition. They look forward to industry leaders coming and judging their work at the end of the session.

Studio Hacker Quest

The heroes were then introduced to the “Studio Hacker” mini-quest. Based on the concept of “hacking” as an unusual, creative or innovative way to get something done, nesting heroes will complete a range of “hack challenges” that will help them to operate fully in the studio. The hacks include challenges such as how to copy and paste text, how to use a text to speech website, and how to create and share google docs. This mini-quest will flow into new discovery based projects for younger heroes.

Introducing SOLE

Based on the idea of challenging students with big questions and letting them explore, this week we introduced our first official SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment).

The question this week was: Which insect is most dangerous to humans?

The heroes enjoyed researching the question in teams and exploring different theories and ideas. This provided the basis for a powerful discussion. There was high energy and debate on if the Black Scorpion or Anopheles Mosquito was most dangerous. Each side had strong arguments and provided evidence to support their position.

Writer’s Workshop

This session, the focus is creative writing based on prompts. The heroes go through the drafting, peer revision and publishing stages of writing, with each hero having a piece published on this blog by the end of Session 2.

It was wonderful to see the creativity and imagination behind their writing as they formed their stories. The following is this week’s prompt:

“Hello”, said a voice on the phone, “my name is ______________. I know you never expected a call from me, as famous as I am, but i have been given your name as someone who can help me______________.

Paper Airplane Competition

Once outside, each team tried their designs and chose which airplane to use in the final competition. Both decided on different designs and after a very close competition, Team 2 (Caden, Kai, Canyon and Arturius) won with a throw of 29ft 8in!

In Summary

Following the struggles, however, are several moments of individual or group celebration as challenges are overcome and new learnings unfold. The perfect formula for a hero’s journey.



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