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4 min readApr 22, 2022

(Year 5, Week 26)

This week in the discovery studio we have been learning about what it means to “fall in love with a book”. We had a discussion about books that have inspired us and some that have even been life changing. Then we discussed about some books that we should add to our library, because they could make someone fall in love with reading. We are looking forward to seeing some books like,
-A Wrinkle In Time Quintet series
-Dragon Slipper
-Harry Potter
In our school library for everyone to read.

Hero of the week

This week we have chosen the wonderful Azalea to be our hero of the week. Azalea has been very driven this week and has been such a great friend as well.

Here is Azalea and her best friend Quinn working on Azalea’s business flyers and you can just see how focused Azalea is in this photo.

We have had some great hardworking heroes in the studio this week here are some great photos that we got of them.

Here is Lauryn and Gabi working with the Lite Brite during mindfulness.
I caught Lukas and Liam in the moment of eating and doing some math but Lukas had just noticed me taking a photo, Whoops.

Habit Trackers

You can see that we have some new trackers for our habits, there is one tracker for each hero and there is a check box for set and achieve session goals, achieve weekly goals, achieve daily goals, Be intentional, and document learning. We have had this system all week and it has been working very well, us heroes really enjoy it. At the end of each day we have squad huddles and then our squad leader checks us off each day for each of the daily categories. Then every Friday the squad leaders check us off for the weekly habit then every last Friday for the session habit.

Here are some other amazing photos.

We have as well had a fun game called Hive that Joe introduced to us, and Joe proposed a challenge to us so he said that this Friday we should have a Hive match and there can be up to three people playing Joe and only Discovery heroes may play and if we win then the whole studio gets donuts. So we are very excited to see how that plays out.

Thank you for reading and keeping up to date with the Heroes Academy Discovery Studio.

Written by,
Lauryn, Gabi, and Ibby.



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