Guides, Mentors, Allies, and Friends


This week the heroes finished challenges in blueprints and elevations, and began working on their 3D models. Many are in stride, adding colors, windows, doors, and landscaping. Others have started, then restarted, then restarted again.

Studio Systems Reset

After some open discussion, the heroes felt that several systems weren’t truly designed wholeheartedly by the heroes. Specifically, they felt the studio contract, hero buck system, studio maintenance, and studio guardrail systems could all use improvement. After some discussion, they decided a few committees would form and pitch updates and improvements. They seem to be excited about some ideas that would create a more warm-hearted and tough-minded studio.

Core Skills and Game Time

This week the heroes spent time discussing core skills badges, programs, and options.

Writer’s Workshop

The heroes continued this week’s writer’s workshop by organizing their binders and publishing their technical instructions. They discussed standards of excellence that will be used to determine if their work is ready for exhibition. Many are excited to share their work in next week’s exhibition.

Reading Buddies

Reading buddies continues to be a cherished time for both Spark and Discovery heroes, and a great example of mixed age learning. The heroes have landed on a process where the Spark hero reads to the Discovery hero, then they switch. It’s really a magical time.

Wrap Up

This week the studio ran a little leaner, with more trust placed on the learners. It figuratively marks a step towards a more learner driven community. While the studio has always been a studio with ownership by the heroes, many commented this week that the studio is moving in a direction where they feel even more responsibility for their learning and their community. As a school whose mission is to inspire each child to find a calling and change the world, that’s exactly the direction we want to go.



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