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4 min readJun 17, 2022

(Year 5, Week 33)

Post from Gwen (for Monday)

Monday morning we talked about all 5 senses, and talked about Daniel Kish who is blind and uses echolocation to bike ride and hike. Heroes have been working really hard Monday, here are some photos of them working.

This is a photo of Lauryn, Gabi and Ibby working.
Adelaide and Rylan were playing a game when Andrew is reading.
Here is Treagan, and Xavier being intentional and working on prodigy.
Will, Tyson, and Bennet are all working on prodigy together.

I didn’t get any photos of quest but we started making our enrichment tools. If you couldn’t start working on your enrichment tools you can watch San Diego Zoo’s animals live and write down what you observed.

Written by: Gwen

Post by Adri

At heroes academy we strive to let learners learn at their own pace, we have the freedom to learn on what we want. Tuesday Mckenna led the morning launch and it was about honesty. One of the questions was “have you lied to someone, or have you felt like you have been lied to?”

Some people love prodigy, some people think it is a game. Others think it is fun but they still learn,

Here is Treagan working on prodigy.
Here is Ava and Gwen working, and having fun. Ava is making a tile on the X-carve

This session people like to work hard and have a lot of snacks. Like Lauryn, Gabi and Ibby, here they are eating snack.

Caleb led a role playing game tuesday, it is called crash pandas

Written by: Adri

Post by Will (for Wednesday)

Today’s morning launch Jake read a chapter of Story of the World which was about Catherine The Great and then asked some questions.

Today in quest we checked with our squads about their quest challenges. We also worked on our animal enrichment tools and our observation sheets. When some heroes were done with their quest they worked on some cool things which we will show in the pictures below.

Here is Ibby’s squad working on quest together.
Here is Ava and Gwen working on Dash the robot.
Here is Lauryn journaling in her notebook.
Adri is here working on typing something.

Written by: Will

Here are some other pictures and happenings in the studio:

Town Hall this morning was led by council.

They discussed some challenges with serving sticks, feeling that some were too harsh. Unfortunately for the hero who made the pitch, most disagreed and felt they should stay as they are. The hero who pitched wants to reflect on the pitch and try again next week.

Another important item is “Spirit Week,” which is now happening every session.

The last item brought forward was about accountability for council on if they are failing to uphold the discussion rules of engagement. They agreed council should each other accountable.

Several heroes also explored programming and robotics this week with Dash and Dot, the studio robots.

Quest continued with this week being “Build Week” where heroes began constructing their animal enrichment tools.

Some other pics from this week:

Caleb leading a role playing game called Crash Pandas



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