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4 min readApr 15, 2022


(Year 5, Week 25) — Written By Lauryn, Gabi, and Ibby.

Hello parents, it is Year 5, Week 25! This week in the discovery studio it has been a pretty chill week and heroes in our studio have been so focused on what they are doing for work. We have also been working on our very exciting quest, business fair and a ton of heroes are having so much fun with it. Here are some photos that we took this week of the heroes.

Hero of the Week

This week we have decided that it would be beneficial to introduce a hero of the week. So each week there will be a hero of the week and we will be not only posting about them on slack we will also be congratulating them at close on Friday. This week Bennet is our hero of the week, he has been doing a great job at being intentional and working hard. So we would like to recognize his intentionality in the studio this week.

Exploring New Work

Some heroes have experimented with Calligraphy, Rubix cubes, Prodigy, Castle blocks, Round knitting, and so much more.

There have been a lot of people doing puzzles lately, Will and Maggie did a puzzle, Liam and Lukas are working on a puzzle and Gabi, Ibby and Lauryn are working on a 1,000 piece puzzle that has gone on for a while.

Joe has as well been coming into the studio for some launches to introduce some fun and interactive games. Here are some of the ones he has introduced to us, Takeoff, Clue master, Code master, and Code rover control.

We have also implemented a new system, instead of the fishbowl us heroes changed that because we felt as though it was discouraging when someone would move back to the fishbowl and almost like it was a punishment. So now we have a personal tracker for each hero almost like a calendar form and it has Daily, Weekly, and Session updates on each one for easy use. So everyday each squad leader updates each of the squad members tracker and every Friday squads get together and talk about weekly goals. We have just implemented this system today and It is going pretty well.

Featured Photos

Here is Andrew and Rylan working hard.
Here is Adelaide and Gavin buried in a book and a drawing during mindfulness.
Here is Azalea’s jewelry business
Here is Azalea and Adri working on Clue Masters
Here is some heroes representing some great friendships in the studio.
Here is Xavier and Traegan working hard on prodigy and sharing some tips.
Here is Lukas and his beloved sandwich.

That is all for this week we are so excited to keep going on this journey and can not wait to fill you guys in on what is happening in the Heroes Academy Discovery studio.



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