Learner Driven

Love of Reading

The start of a new session always brings high energy. If an onlooker peaked into the studio, they would see heroes setting SMART goals, working on core skills and getting prepped for the week ahead. The morning launch was centered around being intentional and handling responsibility. Responsibility was selected as session two’s character trait. For the next five weeks, the heroes will be diving into the meaning of responsibility and using the character trait to discover what they feel responsibility means to them.


Spooky Stories

Play Hard

The heroes are hard at work, all day long. Whether that is working intentionally on core skills or moving through conflict resolutions and trying to find peace. However, true learning is so much more than just the grind of adding numbers and writing sentences. Some of the biggest learning moments come from their sacred time called “free time.”

Passion Projects

Heroes have caught the passion project bug. Passion projects are an exciting time in the studio. A hero selects something that they want to work on and create a daily, weekly and sessionally plan to accomplish their goal. This is another reason why heroes work so hard to get into soaring. If a hero gets into soaring, they have the option to work on a passion project during collaboration.

Play Lab

The heroes worked hard in quest on Monday and Wednesday. However, six heroes ran into a hiccup with the final challenge. It was hard, painful and they felt like they couldn’t push through. Yet, the only way to be submitted into the Play Lab on Friday was to complete the challenges and turn in tokens to play the games.


The first week of session two wrapped up into a nice package of learning and growing. For five straight days, heroes worked on core skills, silently from 8:45 to 10:30. One hero stated on Friday;



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