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4 min readApr 29, 2022

(Year 5 Week 27)

This week we worked on marketing for the children’s business fair and it was really a joy for all the heroes, in fact we are dropping flyers off today at different places around town to draw as much attention to the business fair as possible.

Hero of the week

This week Our Hero of the week is…Adelaide! This week in the studio we have noticed a huge level of determination in Adelaide because she is so pumped for the business fair and to be honest it is awesome!

Here is Adelaide working hard on her business products

Here are some more photos

Here we have Lukas and Rylan reading
This is Xavier and Xander playing chess
Here is River working hard on Prodigy

Here are some photos that Xavier took

Here is Traegan working on a marble run during mindfulness
Here is the of the discovery studios rules of engagement.
Here is the discovery studios Calendar.
Here is the writing check off system

How this works is someone writes a story then they get checked off by an excellence committee.

Now we have some other awesome photos

New Games, New Books!

We have had one new game introduced to us by Jake and it is called Bargain Hunter! It is an awesome game because who does not love to shop and then get the item for a steal of a deal! We have as well had a new book series introduced to our studio and they are called Horrible Histories! They talk about the not so glorious sides of history but about the things that people wonder about for instance, Death that is not covered in most history books all that much so it is an interesting perspective that is for sure.

Badge Book Review

We had a wonderful first time badge book review done on Thursday by River! It was on the book Bad Guys book one and he did an awesome job for his first time.

Individual Quiet morning work time

Thursday morning we had a discussion about the problems in the studio and we only have a couple that we need to fix like, Individual quiet work time, treating the studio with respect, Daily habits, and uphold the rules of engagement. We took a vote and the one that we decided to work on first is Individual quiet morning work time. We have decided that we needed to define what that means, and we decided that it means that if you are not quiet and that you are distracting others then you will be asked to work in a solo room the next day to reflect and increase your focus on your goals. Today the focus on work was a lot higher and heroes got a lot more done.


Wednesday morning we have our morning launch about foreign languages, Jake introduced a new website called “Duolingo”. Duolingo is a website to learn and explore new languages like: French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, and so much more.


Thank you parents for tuning into our post about the Discovery studio at Heroes Academy.

Written by, Lauryn, Gabi, Ibby, and Xavier



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