Potatoes, Eggs and Coffee


The week of exhibition brings all motivation to the surface. It is crunch time for many heroes and they are working toward reaching their goals and finishing the session strong.


On Tuesday, it was the last day to finish Quest. Many of the heroes felt crunched for time. Some heroes still could not figure out where the design flaws were coming from in their hot air balloons. This is when some breakdowns happened.


The Hodgepodge Forest rehearsals took place on Thursday. The heroes decided they wanted to do three in total. One took place earlier in the week but it was more for fixing minor details. The two important ones took place in front of the Spark studio and then later in the afternoon in front of the Adventure studio.


The heroes were full of nerves on the day of exhibition. This was the first exhibition of the year where heroes were presenting as an entire group in front of their families. What was truly inspiring about this exhibition was that the heroes had a huge challenge given to them by the guide on day one and then the rest of the session it was up to them to pull it off.

Friday Feelings

The heroes spent the day on Friday touching up on some last minute town halls and organizing the studio. The heroes like to challenge each other by doing a boys versus girls clean up and rushing to get everything done. The faster they deep clean the studio, the more time they have for their afternoon celebrations.


The heroes started the week full of determination and motivation towards earning their badges. They then faced the reality of failure with Quest. It was a hard turn around in just two days. Yet they trudged through and never gave up on working and trying to construct the perfect balloon. Their spirits were then lifted when they nailed rehearsals and they couldn’t wait to put on a good show. Come exhibition, the heroes were full of nerves and the studio buzzed with excitement. When the curtains were pulled the heroes gave their best and were so proud of themselves by the time it was over. Their smiles could not have been bigger and their confidence could not have been better. They ended the week with their badge ceremony and playing board games. The studio is now entering Spring and the heroes are off for two weeks to rest and rejoice in all that they accomplished.



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