Power Tends to Corrupt (Year 1, Week 12)

Pitch-a-Pet Excursion

Caden, Betsy, Julianna and Jack all participated in a field trip this Monday as part of their Pitch-a-Pet Quest. Questers earned the opportunity to participate in the field trip by completing their research work last week. We set off to an unknown location with anticipation. The questers were excited to learn that the excursion involved visiting two pet shops, adding real-world value to their quest work this session.


As the questers continue to research information about their chosen animals, the whole studio participated in an animal-themed SOLE on Tuesday morning. The question this week was posed:

Writer’s Workshop

As the heroes began writing this week, creative and imaginative stories of adventures in Paris, visiting the North Pole, travelling with the US Airforce and exploring New York city emerged in response to this weeks writing prompt:


Wednesday morning’s launch began with a suspenseful story shared by Kara about her experience of being painfully stung by a scorpion while in an isolated rural village in Cambodia. After highlighting the immense and overwhelming pain, she reflected on the immense and overwhelming gratitude she felt toward the woman who helped her quickly get rid of the pain. The discussion turned to the heroes sharing their own stories and experiences of gratitude.

Service Project

After this week’s discussions about giving, receiving and gratitude the heroes decided that a service project would be a great way to show gratitude and help others this Christmas. After brainstorming ideas, the heroes took a vote and decided on two ways to serve others:

  1. Making gifts and cards to distribute to the people working in the offices near the studio.
  2. Decorating placemats, lunch bags and cards to be distributed in the community through the Meals on Wheels organization.

This Week’s Big Failure

At the beginning of this week the guides tried a new approach to consequences for those who had lost more hero bucks than they had earned. Instead of waiting until Friday and issuing strikes to those who had -5 hero bucks or more, the guides tracked hero bucks daily, in an effort to help heroes avoid reaching -5 hero bucks. Once a hero had fallen into negative they worked at a separate desk near a guide and signed a contract that outlined a minimum number of points they committed to earning each day.

Christmas Gifts

Betsy’s gifts to her fellow travelers

In Short

This week’s summary is simple. Christmas is coming, heroes will surprise you with what they know about gratitude, lots of chaos occurs when boys have toy cars, and chaos means a lot of hero bucks lost.



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