(Year 5, Week 2)

Setting Goals

Every Monday the heroes sit down and write out their SMART goals.

Lip Dub

Heroes were feeling the crunch of time with their performances. On Tuesday the heroes were locked down in trying to get their dances done and perfect their singing. We all know that group projects can be tricky but it has been exciting to see the heroes push through adversity.

Question of the Year

The question of the year has caused a lot of buzz,

“What does it mean to be on a hero’s journey?”

Over the past week the heroes have been asked continually to think about what it means to be on a hero’s journey. It is a question they will continue to pick apart and even reform over time. On Wednesday, they had a deep discussion about being on a hero’s journey. These are the new definitions that the squads have come up with:

Badge Books

Hero’s Choice

Hero’s choice is a time that is reserved for Friday afternoons. Heroes who are in Flying and Soaring get the opportunity to do Hero’s Choice. During this time they can play board games, work on core skills, finish quest, finish writer’s workshop, write stories or read. It is a time they can choose work or play and go at it with intention.


The heroes had a productive week. It was the first week they set goals and worked in core skills. They faced adversity with their lip dub but every group came out on top, finishing! During the week the heroes got to pick out badge books and start working on their reading badges. A very exciting moment in the studio. They talked endlessly about the heroes journey and kept referring back to it throughout the week. They closed the week with the most intentional hero’s choice the guide has ever seen and closed the day with wonderful character call-outs!

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