The Power of Courage

“What do you believe was her biggest struggle?

1. Becoming a runner after battling Polio

2. Being a black woman in the South during segregated times.

3. Something else.”

The heroes had various answers. Yet they all agreed that it was the strength of her character that pushed her through. The heroes discussed how she wouldn’t have been who she was without courage and confidence. That her story would have turned out differently if she hadn’t believed in herself.


The heroes were excited to learn what their Quest was for the session. they were introduced to Cartography and all things adventure. They kicked off their discussion with the following video that gave them a small insight into who Magellan was and what he did:

Lead a Discussion

Part of the heroes badge plan is to lead a launch. The older heroes in the Discovery studio are constantly pitching their launch ideas to the guide. Many of the heroes have hit their goal by leading three launches total, but for the most part, they want to keep launching. They work diligently to come up with profound topics to interest their fellow heroes and they have a blast using their creativity.

Letter to a Hero

Writer’s Workshop is a favorite among most of the heroes. So far this school year, the heroes have worked on creative writing and building out their own stories. Creative writing has proved to be one of the best ways to enhance imagination, it leads to deeper reading selections and really improves voice. The heroes have loved creating their own worlds, but this Writer’s Workshop hit much differently.

Pick a Country

Friday had to have been one of the best days the heroes have had. They got to find out the second part of their Quest, which is, to do a deep dive into a country of their choice. They started off listening to a video about amazing facts in countries around the world. They learned some countries have brail on their money to help the blind. That in other countries, people shake their head up and down for no and left to right for yes. They giggled at the fact that in Greece, people spit on one another for good luck and they were in awe of the Hygge culture in Denmark.


The heroes kicked off the week with learning about a real-life hero. Someone full of courage. They had a very deep morning discussion about what it means to defy all odds. That discussion really challenged the heroes to dig deep into the excuses that hold them back from achieving their goals. They were beyond excited to launch into Quest and Writer’s Workshop, filling up their folders with the weekly challenges and facing difficulties from figuring out who they admire to how to read a map. By the end of the week, there were designated longitude and latitude helpers! The best part was finding out at the Quest wasn’t just maps and numbers, but an actual study of specific countries. The heroes ended their week by practicing Spanish, researching pasta dishes and even historical facts about their specific countries.



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