(Year 5, Week 8)

Smart Goal

Individual smart goals have been touched on quite a bit this year. In the studio and blog. This week, the heroes added something new to the Smart Goal process and in turn it created a really fun competition this week. Not only are heroes doing weekly smart goals, they are now doing group smart goals!

Hero Buck System

After lots of trial and error, the heroes have come up with a new detailed hero buck system. Every year, depending on the studio and needs, the hero buck system gets a little makeover. This year, the heroes will be moving towards a more transparent Hero Buck System. The heroes and guides noticed that many hero bucks were taken out of anger. They also saw the system being manipulated and taken advantage of. While putting their heads together and making a plan, the heroes came up with the following system:

  1. At lunchtime, Hero Buck Council will get together and listen to the conflict resolution between both of the heroes. At that point, once hearing both sides, they will ask the heroes to leave and they will have a discussion on if they believe the Hero Buck loss is appropriate.
  2. If the council rules that it is appropriate for the hero to lose a hero buck, they will log into journey tracker and ask for the hero buck.
  3. Only a discussion leader and council members can ask for hero bucks and only after they sit in and listen to a conflict resolution. Letting both sides state their case.


Heroes were challenged to make their world class blueprints this week. They were challenged with not only working to recreate their drafts but to also label everything with precise measurements. They kicked off the day with a video from Bill Nye. Proving that his humor truly stands the test of time.


We all know that the day to day varies in the studio. Sometimes the volume is turned up and energy is high. Other times, the volume is almost muted and yet the energy remains high.


In the studio the contracts are held up as sacred. Each hero voted and talked about the contract endlessly before they signed it. It is important that they keep talking and reflecting back on what it means to hold the contract up and commit to the contract.


The heroes spent their week reaching goals and working on a new thing called weekly smart goals! Reflections were a huge part of the weeks success and they did some excellent practice with their writing. The heroes started a new hero buck system that they love way more than the previous one and they were excited to work on their communication skills. They wrapped up the week by getting into flow and teaching the guide how important it is to take breaks when conflicts arise. An uplifting week for sure.

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