Welcome Back


Twenty nine Discovery heroes walked through the doors at 8am on Tuesday to either start or continue their hero’s journey. Twenty nine personalities, fears, hopes and dreams. The Discovery Studio was as quiet as a mouse before morning launch. Everyone seemed to be feeling each other out and getting used to their new surroundings.

Drop Everything and Read

On Wednesday, the heroes were introduced to an activity called DEAR, Drop Everything and Read. This is a time in the Discovery Studio where the heroes pick a book or continue reading one they love and are silent for thirty minutes. To be able to participate in DEAR, the heroes had to do one very important thing. Open the library!

  1. Being silent.
  2. Treating the library like a sacred place.
  3. Returning books.
  4. Treating books with respect.
  5. Returning the books to the library.

Chocolate River

Thursday morning opened up with a team building exercise called the Chocolate River. The heroes were tasked with getting into their squads and walking out to the volleyball courts in the field. Each squad was given one less “marshmallow” aka notecard, than there were team members.

Town Hall

On the last day of the first week, a few of the heroes came up to the guide and asked if Town Hall could be executed.

“Are their Town Hall slips!?” Asked the guide,

“Yeah! we have been doing them all week.”

  1. Longer studio maintenance time.
  2. Eating inside not outside.
  3. Treating Pumpkin Seed with more respect.
  4. Implementing a spirit week.


The heroes got to work on week one. Not only did they do six different team building activities, but they sat in on 16 launches and worked through the challenges of setting up Chromebooks. The heroes worked on their contract, rules of engagement and were even able to open up three rooms!



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