Welcome Ceremony

(Year 3, Week 20)

Let’s Get Moving

Monday morning the heroes moved through launch and ate their frog. This session the heroes are focused on being intentional in setting their goals. So, Monday, they all sat around the rug, with the guide and went through the steps of what it means to set a goal and reaching goals. They were challenged to put in detailed steps on how they were going to accomplish their weekly goal on the back of their Smart Goal sheet. All of their Smart Goals will be presented at exhibition for their parents to see their weekly progress.

With the seasons changing and the sun shining down ever day, the guide noticed that the heroes have had a lot of extra energy. Therefore, after the heroes buckled down and did some goal setting, they were presented with a change in the schedule; Morning Outdoor Experience. Moving forward, the heroes will be getting to stretch their legs before Core Skills. Shouts of joy could be heard from here to downtown Boise. Not only do the heroes need more time outside, but there is something special with watching the debates and problems solving occurring while out on the field.

Morning Outdoor Experience

After they were finished, they met in the stillness room and were so focused for the five minutes that they didn’t hear the alarm go off. Before nine thirty in the morning, the heroes had a morning launch of sincerity, set their weekly goals, exercised outside and had five minutes of stillness. That intention flowed throughout Monday. Everyone is excited to see what this short, fifteen minutes of activity will do for the overall mindset of the heroes.

Core Skills
Core Skills


The quest this session started with the skill of taxonomy. Some of the heroes have felt the pain of the tedious tasks of researching. They have been challenged to classify insects, build insect environments and research all of the different classifications within the animal kingdom. As one of the heroes said, “do people really do this for a job… HOW!?” There is a lot that goes into the realm of science and the heroes are being challenged in areas that they may not have been challenged in before.

When a few of the heroes finished their first week of challenges, they were met with a second challenge. The challenge of art and design, while using their scientific minds. The heroes were asked to either create an insect using molding clay. After they created the insect they were to use the knowledge they have gained by labeling and identifying the specific characteristics of the insect. From their body types to the classification in the kingdom. The other option was to create their own type of insect. Completely from scratch and were asked to create their own classifications and their own body types from words they have made up.

The heroes did not disappoint:

Insect Creations
Insect Creations
Insect Creations

Logic Puzzles

Last week the heroes were introduced to logic games. They thoroughly enjoyed working through the games as a group so they decided they wanted it added to the weekly schedule. This week the heroes gathered round the rug and played a game that a guest presented to them. The option of the game was to have one hero secretly pick out three blocks of different shape and color. Then the heroes went around in the circle and guessed which three the hero was holding. Using logic, writing down previous answers and using an elimination process, the heroes were committed to guessing correctly.

The next day core skills was focused around math. One of the heroes came up to the guide and had this conversation,

The hero went on to pass two sections in math, in one day. Previously, he struggled getting through one section during the week. He was proud of his progress and very excited for logic game time to roll back around.

Logic Games

Dangerous Insects

The heroes worked through their taxonomy sheets and made it to the next quest challenge. Finding the most dangerous insect in the world. The heroes had the following question which brought on a fun element into the quest,

After they added this to the quest, they took off in every direction. All five squads were buckled down and intentional throughout their quest time. The heroes found multiple different insects. Their final task was to put all their information on a board for exhibition. Two of the squads decided that one insect was simply not enough. They decided to create two boards. Throughout the studio the heroes were sharing their terrifying insect information. The squads that finished moved onto next weeks challenge which is designing an insect completely from scratch. They get to create a dangerous, helpful or even just interesting insect using a design website. Once that creation is done they get to use any materials in real life to build a prototype! The quest session ended with this final remark.

Stepping into Leadership

One of the tasks the badges that is offered to heroes is the Learn-to-be badge. A way to get the badge is to lead a discussion. Late into the day on Thursday, one of the heroes asked if they could run their own discussion on Friday morning. That meant that this hero had to welcome the heroes, help set standards for Town Hall and then reflect on it afterwards. This hero stayed after school to practice and fine tune areas in which she was nervous. She wrote all of the needed commentary on the board and practice upholding the rules of engagement with the guide.

Come Friday morning, the hero met the task with confidence and excitement. She led the discussion, used concise thoughts and helped the heroes reflect on their use of Town Hall time.

This however, wasn’t the only hero working on a learn-to-be badge. Earlier in the week a hero stood up and asked if the guides would consider implementing a survivalist quest. He was met with this challenge:

The hero set forth and used Passion Project time to design a quest full of knot tying and fishing challenges.

Now that the heroes have a few sessions under their belt and for some, multiple years. They are stepping up into leadership roles left and right.


Week 2 gave great insight into the value that is a product of the journey. They worked through chaos, found motivation and stepped up into leadership roles.

One of the best moments of the week was welcoming three new heroes on the journey. During the week the heroes narrowed down how they wanted to welcome and celebrate the new heroes. They wanted to create a system where welcome new heroes would be fun, exciting and a tradition they can share for the years to come. They decided that they would do a candlelit ceremony. Where they light candles, get into a circle and go one by one sharing great insight into what will help make the new heroes successful on their journey. They then hit the music and celebrated as the heroes signed the Studio Contract and Rules of Engagement. After they created a game to help the heroes remember their names. A game of hide-and-seek and lots of laughter.