Are Things Going Too Well? (Year 1, Week 19)

The week began on a high note as the heroes were very excited to welcome their pet hamster to the studio, introducing Hammie! Hammie has already reached Soaring freedom level, earned 20 hero bucks, and earned a strike for trying to escape.

As usual, the heroes were totally responsible for setting up Hammie’s cage, feeding her and cleaning the cage and upholding all of their pet contract promises to ensure she is looked after well. Although Hammie has definitely been a new distraction in the studio, it has also been another opportunity for the heroes to practice responsibility, leadership and self-control.

The flying and soaring heroes began preparing for this session’s exhibition on Monday by putting together the information about each display into a brochure for parents to be given at the exhibition.

On Wednesday, the heroes continued to organize what and how they would display their work from the session by setting up their displays and practicing answering questions that parents may ask.

Once their displays were set up, the guides and nesting questers pretended to be parents, touring the displays and asking the marine questers about their work.

Tuesday morning’s launch started a little differently — with a game of celebrity heads! Three heroes volunteered to be the contestants and, without looking, sat underneath a picture of someone. Their job was to ask yes or no questions in order to determine who the picture above their heads was of. The heroes enjoyed trying to figure out who they were, and the other heroes all did a great job of not giving it away. In the end, Garrett was the first hero to correctly guess his “celebrity head” — Donald Trump!

Each of the people pictured in the game are all leaders in some capacity. This led to the SOLE question and challenge of the week:

Question: What is the most important character trait of a good leader?

Challenge: Chose one leader from history and describe what you admire about them.

After a time of exploration the teams shared their findings with the group. One group decided that motivation was the most important trait for a leader to have, while the other team decided on self-control. After each team explained why, the heroes all voted and concluded that self-control was the most important trait for a leader to possess. This led into another discussion about self-control in the studio, a timely topic for the heroes as they navigate the new distraction of a hamster in the studio!

On Tuesday the heroes completed their 360 reviews for this session. 360 reviews are an opportunity for the heroes to give feedback to their fellow travelers about their contract commitments, contribution to the studio and quest participation in a warm hearted but also tough minded way.

Each hero had an interview with guide on Wednesday to reflect one on one about the session highlights and challenges and well as receiving their feedback from the 360 reviews. It is always a great opportunity for the heroes to reflect and especially exciting when the heroes see their growth and improvement in comparison to their previous 360 reviews.

After excitedly finishing preparation for the exhibition on Thursday morning, the heroes packed up all their displays and we headed to Boise Aquarium for the heroes to begin setting up for the exhibition.

After set up, as parents and other aquarium customers started visiting the displays, the heroes each rose to the challenge of interacting with the guests and explaining their displays. Each hero was responsible for setting up a display, manning a station and communicating with guests about their work in a real a world environment.

This real-world experience increased the heroes motivation to present a world class exhibition, a challenge which they took on with courage. Well done heroes!

Friday was a full day of exhibition reflection, games, the badge ceremony, art time and a board game party!

Having moved the exhibition to a Thursday this session allowed for the heroes to reflect on their exhibition experience together on Friday morning, after reviewing the feedback forms, the heroes reflected on the highlights and challenges of the exhibition as well as lessons learned throughout the whole session. Their reflections gave insight into their experiences of learning responsibility, choosing to do hard things and developing self-control that they felt they had learned this session.

The heroes had a goal of reaching 7,500 points as a group this session. The chosen celebration if they reached this goal was a board game party on the last day of the session. The heroes far exceeded their points goal, earning over 11,000 points in total! Because of this, the heroes enjoyed spending Friday afternoon having a party and playing board games.

A particular highlight of the day was the first badge ceremony at Heroes Academy. The heroes were very excited to receive a certificate outlining which badges they earned and to place a sticker on their badge trackers in the studio, displaying their badge progress so far in the studio.

Badges have become a new hook in the studio for the heroes. Enthusiam and goals around badges are more evident as badges are now more digestable and easier to understand.

Secret SuperHero

Along with all the challenge and excitement this week was each hero drawing a name of a fellow traveler to show kindness to this week. Each hero secretly looked for opportunities to serve another hero without them being discovered!

At the end of the week each hero shared their experience and guessed who their secret superhero was.

Another Session Ending

This session has been far and away the most productive and smooth. Things seem to be going almost too well. With the passing of each session the heroes become more familiar with the rhythms, processes and systems of the community. Their ability to face challenges, overcome struggles, make hard choices and show kindness to each other becomes even more evident. Guides have reflected several times over the session about how far along the studio is coming, and how much evidence there is of growth in each of these heroes.

With every feeling of victory and moment of celebration, a feeling of fear and uncertainty slowly creeps in. Because a true hero knows that when things are going well, it only means the next challenge is sure to come.



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