(Year 5, Week 15)

On Wednesday, the heroes launched a day with a discussion about their session SMART goals. This session, each hero has set a long term goal they want to accomplish to help them make progress towards mastering core skills and completing badges.

On the journey towards completing…

(Year 5, Week 14)


This session the heroes kicked off the week watching this video of Richie Robinson, and a discussion about independence, heroic mindset, and goal setting:

The heroes then revisited a core idea in the studios, SMART Goals.

In the studio, the heroes set each day as…

(Year 5, Week 12)

A few weeks ago the heroes opened up a discussion about words. Several shared times when words really impacted them. This week, the heroes continued that discussion in terms of how we talk to each other and ourselves.

On Monday, the heroes discussed specifically the words…

(Year 5, Week 11)

“Top of the morning to you” the governor said as he greeted the heroes for the session. Accompanied by music of the 1700s, the heroes entered a transformed studio, and were challenged to play a game called “Colonial Acton.”

Stepping back into colonial America, the heroes…

(Year 5, Week 10)

This is Jamie Harrington. He was 16 years old when he was on his way to the store to pick up some Gatorade when he saw a man sitting on the ledge of a bridge. “Are you okay?” he asked. …

(Year 5, Week 8)

Smart Goal

Individual smart goals have been touched on quite a bit this year. In the studio and blog. This week, the heroes added something new to the Smart Goal process and in turn it created a really fun competition this week. …

(Year 5, Week 7)


Quest this session is tough and fun. The heroes have really shown what they are capable of and are determined to showcase some world class blueprints. There is quite a bit of competition too, friendly competition but they are definitely feeling the heat. On Monday, they…

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